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How It Works

Capture milestones, create BabyPages, build beautiful books over time.

Step 1: The Dashboard

When you sign into your account, you'll see your Dashboard. Here's where you can get started right away by clicking on "Create a BabyPage" or "Milestones" to start a BabyPage.

Your saved BabyPages and the books that you have created will also show up here. Make sure your child's birth date is accurate in "your account" so you see the right prompts and questions for the content on the BabyPages.

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Step 2: Creating BabyPages

When you're creating a BabyPage, you will be able to answer age-appropriate prompts, edit content, change colors and fonts, move the text overlay, move the photo around, and so on. This is the fun part of creating your baby book.

You can also click on "custom BabyPage" to create any type of BabyPage you'd like. Once you have at least 8 BabyPages, you can create a book. There is a maximum of 30 pages per book.

Step 3: Building Books

BabyPage generates, produces, and delivers beautiful books with the BabyPages and content within your dashboard. You capture the milestones; we generate the books.

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